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Java is Martin Mystère's inseparable assistant and friend,
with whom Martin shares all his discoveries and all his adventures. His aspect is inequivocably that of a Neanderthal man: short and stocky, muscular, slightly bent, a low receding forehead. Java doesn't have the faculty of speech: he expresses himself through gestures

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and gives out grunts like an animal, which turn into genuine roars when he's in a rage. He has a highly expressive facial expression, which enables him to highlight - often humorously - the feelings he's experiencing. He has a flash of penetrating intelligence shining in his eyes, but it's a completely "different" kind of intelligence from that of twentieth-century man. In a way that's hard for us to understand, Java experiences an intense and subtle relationship with the forces of nature, a type of relation that has almost completely died out in modern man. For example, Java can "perceive" a very faint track in dense forest undergrowth or in the maze of city traffic. Java chose to abandon his native "City of Ethereal Shadows" hidden amid the inaccessible Jangaj Mountains (Mongolia) and to go with Martin Mystère into modern civilization because he wanted to track down and neutralize a diabolical enemy. After integrating into modern civilization, albeit with considerable difficulty, Java has become an American citizen; he is economically independent and enjoys a love life that is as mysterious as it is intense. Of opposite and complementary characters, Martin and Java succeed in living together and get on just fine without even the need for words: "the detective of the Impossible" can perfectly understand his friend's apparently undecipherable grunts.        
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Diana Lombard, a social worker by profession, is Martin Mystère's girl-friend; the pair are bound by a very deep relationship that arose many years ago in a dramatic situation. Diana is an important stable reference point for the "Detective of the Impossible": a positive woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground, very well educated and cultured (she's worked with Martin on occasions). She has a fine sense of humor and she's very tolerant and long-suffering. But despite their relationship, Martin and Diana live in separate apartments,
and they each preserve their own independence. Will Diana and Martin ever get married? Martin Mystère's readers sincerely hope so and often send letters to the editorial board begging the two to take the Great Leap of Faith. But anyway, as the proverb goes, "What will be, will be".
Angie is a sexy blonde, a real cute girl, slightly seductive à la Marilyn Monroe, and she has a tendency to undress innocently in front of anyone, including "Martindarling" (as she calls Martin), to whom she turns whenever she's in any kind of trouble, i.e. very often. Much loved by her readers (but much less by Diana), she often acts together with two comical and bungling criminals, John Dee and Edward Kelly, whom she obstinately persists in regarding as "those English gentlemen".
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Koot Hoomi is a "Guru" from Agharti, an ancient citadel poised between the real world and the supernatural world. He used to be Martin Mystère's spiritual Master, and he was also the spiritual Master of Martin's arch-enemy Sergej Orloff: he's given both of them a weapon equipped with rays that originates from the Continent of Mu.
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Chris Towers is the commander of the mysterious base "Elsewhere" and he often involves Martin, an old buddy of his from university days, in adventures on the boundary of reality.
Inspector Travis is Martin Mystère's main contact at the New York Police Department. And now, before finishing this part, a few final words to present a genuine "ace up Martin's sleeve": the ray weapon. During an exploration in Nepal, Martin and Sergej Orloff, who were friends at that time, became acquainted with the wise man Koot Hoomi, who
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gave each of them a weapon that was ten thousand years old and capable of momentarily paralyzing (and in Orloff's case, of killing) an enemy. Martin has used this weapon for positive purposes, while Orloff used it for wicked ends.        

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